barry reeves     


                     splitdorf dixie magneto parts


                                                        splitdorf dixie   high tension pickups

                                                               splitdorf dixie slipring

                                                         splitdorf dixie magneto base

                                                         splitdorf dixie gap protector

                                 spliydorf dixie capacitors                   

                                               the above items will also fit the splitdorf aero


                         1919 and later Indian  electrical terminal block   ( powerplus and chief )

                                     Daytona and later Powerplus kicker housing blank casting

                             big valve cylinder plugs blank to be machined to match your cylinder

           i am just setting up a website for the splitdorf magneto




 I have finally made some replacement capacitors

for the dixie magneto  early in end cap style and the

later screw fixing type








                                                              this is what the inside of a pickup should look like

                                                                            there are some repro ones that are just plastic 

                                                                             with a screw  to make the electrical contact