Date: 01/06/2019

By: Lunny

Subject: blnda000016

Кто менял УКП-7 на УКП-66 отзовитесь всё ли работает

Date: 28/05/2019

By: Steverof

Subject: Your computer and smartphone are hacked

Your computer, email and smartphone are hacked. We have all your photos, personal correspondence and access to bank accounts.
On June 3, we will post on the Internet and send to all people who you have in contacts and social networks all your photos, correspondence, access to bank accounts and payment systems.
You will be sued and the police will be interested in your person.
A ransom is worth 1 Bitcoin.
Pay 1 BTC until June 3 to our bitcoin wallet: 1LNcUGLunEpDMo4sxNAgAKAGk8eAddTGW

Date: 11/05/2019

By: Sharoncew

Subject: Where I can get XEvil?

Where I can get XEvil 4.0 for free?

Thank you

Date: 12/12/2018

By: JeremyCeafe

Subject: Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye.

Date: 09/08/2012

By: Barry South

Subject: New website

Barry, Thanks to you my Dixie magneto is ready to go; the 1917 Powerplus gearbox is ready for assembly too. Hope to meet you when I visit UK soon.

Barry South
Cape Town

Date: 23/06/2012

By: Joe Drociuk

Subject: Excellent Website, congrats.

Barry, thank you for all your magneto parts, excellent quality. thanks for all your help, advice and contributions you have sent me. Keep up the dedication to this wonderfull world of yesteryyear, People like yourself Barry, are hard to find, especially with such an excellent website to go with it all.. ...Joe

Date: 12/02/2012

By: Richard Birch

Subject: new web site

Very professional, excellent

Date: 12/02/2012

By: sal masotta

Subject: new web site

Thanks Barry for all your time and effort!! Its Great!
Sal Masotta

Date: 12/02/2012

By: enrique castells

Subject: congratulations Barry, it looks great

hi Barry, thank you in the name of all the people that loves this model. it is a great idea to prepare a place for it.
enrique castells from spain

Date: 12/02/2012

By: Ola

Subject: New website

Keep up the good work, Barry

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